MI Workshop

Teachers Workshop- Multiple Intelligence

must programme for every teacher........

A very unique programme designed for Teachers for enhancing there understanding about different students using which a teacher can understand interest of each and every student of the class and hence can connect better. This workshop enables the teachers to understand basic behaviors of children and the reason for there different behaviors. According to Prof Dr Haward Gardner of every child in unique and is GENIUS

Gardner’s ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ encourages educators to start thinking of intelligence as a set of many different abilities and skills that help an individual learner comprehend, examine, and respond to different types of content. This helps to solve problems and/ or to devise something that is valued in one or more cultures . Dr Gardner suggests that each person possesses several [eight] Multiple Intelligences or ways in which individuals respond in different ways, to different kinds of content.

The teachers get oriented about the importance of assessing the multiple intelligence in all the students in the classroom through simple observation, school records, interaction with parents, students etc. Teaching aids like lesson plans should be only prepared keeping in mind all these intelligences.


For example, there might be children in the classroom who are high on interpersonal intelligence; hence activities like peer-sharing, active discussion and interactions might work for them. However, at the same time there might be other students who might be high on intrapersonal intelligence, who would not be very active with classroom interaction; hence one needs to use ‘one/ minute reflection’ etc as a means of discovering oneself.

The workshop is conducted with an interactive activity for teachers to help them understand the application of the 8 Multiple Intelligences in the classroom. Overall it was a highly interactive and application-based workshop.

Outcome of workshop:

  • After the workshop Teachers will have a clear cut understanding about differnt bahaviours of children. And not only this it will make them understand that why child is behaving in a particular manner
  • Teacher will have a better connect with the children basis his/her understanding about the behavioral science
  • Teacher will be able to device different tools to handle differnt children differntly
  • Better Class control;
  • Teacher will be able to councel the children and Parents with much more scientific approach and information.