Abacus - Faster than Calculator Mental Arithmetic

Can you answer 3682 – 5456 x 0.9234 / 398 = ? in 3 seconds without using a calculator or any other computing device?

Y E S, Y O U C A N !

Students of Brains Best actually add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers faster than someone using a calculator. Once learnt, they retain this ability for their whole life. Maths is taken as a tool to develop various faculties of the child’s brain. A natural outcome of the practice on Abacus is:

  • faster-than-calculator computation skills
  • immense improvement in concentration
  • development of left and right brain
  • better posture
  • better reflexes
  • great analytical & reasoning skills
  • speed reading and speed writing
  • In fact, the benefits are infinite and life long.


Today kids have more access to computing devices than ever before. As their dependence on these devices is increasing, the ability to calculate mentally is decreasing. The Brains Best Abacus programme gives students an understanding of and appreciation for numbers which is all but lost with calculators and computers.

Our brain has two parts – the Left Brain & the Right Brain. Interestingly, it is the right hand movements and activities which activate our Left Brain as do the left hand movements for Right Brain. Since we use one of our hands more than the other, one side of the brain does not get as activated as the other. This is an obstacle on the road of Total Brain development. By using both hands and their fingers on the Abacus, both the left & right brains are activated. More so, because the sharp edges of the Abacus beads, when pressed by fingers of both the hands, energise the neurons in both sides of the brain.

Mental Arithmetic is used just as a tool to give ample exercises to different faculties of the brain; so as to strengthen them. The child not only excels in Maths, but in all other subjects as well as sports and co-curricular activities.

The history of Abacus dates back to 1100 B.C.. It was the earliest calculating machine known to man. Tests have shown that for mathematical operations like addition and subtraction, the Abacus can perform faster than the electronic calculator. In fact, Abacus is commonly referred to as the first Computer of the World. It is a calculation device by which computations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, decimals etc can be done by the student within a seconds’ time.