Franchise Genius Brains Patiala


An establishment is a demonstrated plan of action grew by the franchisor, which permits the establishment to use its restrictive strategy for success, methods, trainings and techniques for working together.

The franchisor will give its establishments preparing a demonstrated plan of action, a surely understood and settled brand name, and an extensive variety of different instruments and assets to help in achievement.


Most of the companies struggle after getting into agreement after 2-3 months when they exhaust their personnel market or people known to them for further sales. Today the biggest challenge with the franchisee is to generate the sales or numbers through market on regular basis. Normally in this Industry no franchisor help you in doing sales after giving you the technology. They just give you the know how in Pan Drive and will not drive your business by writing NO ROYALITY as if they know that business will not survive.


We are the only company in the country in this Industry that help the Franchisee to set up his sales Process. For any business Sales function is most important factor. We help our Franchisee to set up a proper sales process. Depending upon the kind of commercials we get into we support the franchisee for doing the numbers and set up his business unit. So that it is survived for a Long time rather than just for few months or years.We have a team who has been working in this vertical for more than 10 years and we have expertise in getting business establish in Education Field.

  • We help you In Pre Launch sales
  • We help you In Post Launch Sales
  • We help you to conduct any teachers Workshop
  • We help you to conduct any Parenting Workshop
  • We help you to B2B sales in School
  • We help you to set up a Tele calling centre for business
  • We help you to set a sales team for business
  • We help our franchisee with Tele leads also
  • We help you to do Internet Marketing
  • We help you in many ways and activities to set your business Unit

  • If you are interested in setting up a venture with sustainable growth and longevity. Please contact us...


    Sr.No Name City Course
    1 Baljit Singh Moga Punjab DMIT  
    2 Kuldeep Singh Barnala Punjab DMIT Midbrain
    3 Shilpi Agarwal Chandigarh Punjab DMIT Midbrain
    4 Harmail Singh Sudhar, Ludhiana Punjab DMIT Midbrain
    5 Gurmeet Singh Patran Punjab DMIT Midbrain
    6 S P Sharma Zirakpur Punjab DMIT Midbrain
    7 Aditya Gorakhpur UP DMIT
    8 Sunil Kumar Gorakhpur UP DMIT
    9 Manoj Kumar Kanpur UP DMIT Midbrain
    10 Anil Kumar Lakhnow UP DMIT Midbrain
    11 Deepak Kumar Agra UP DMIT Midbrain
    12 Komal aligarh UP DMIT Midbrain
    13 C H Sharma Rohtak Haryana DMIT
    14 Mayank Sharma Hissar Haryana DMIT Midbrain
    15 Jasmine Patel Surat Gujrat Midbrain
    16 Jhanak Patel Mehsana Gujrat DMIT Midbrain
    17 Sonia Shah Mumbai Maharastra DMIT Midbrain
    18 Narender Thane Maharastra DMIT Midbrain
    19 Shafiq Thane Maharastra DMIT Midbrain
    20 Ravi Pune Maharastra DMIT Midbrain
    21 Neha Mumbai Maharastra DMIT Midbrain
    22 Parul Patel Mehsana Gujrat DMIT Midbrain
    23 Akashdeep agra UP DMIT Midbrain
    24 Pankaj delhi Delhi DMIT
    25 Dr Alok delhi Delhi DMIT
    26 Suraj Kanpur UP DMIT Midbrain
    27 Sudhir Merrat UP DMIT Midbrain
    28 Firar Uppadhyay Hajoi Assam DMIT Midbrain
    29 SP Partha Silture Assam DMIT Midbrain
    30 Shivraj Zirakpur Punjab DMIT Midbrain
    31 Akashdeep Verma Agra UP DMIT Midbrain
    32 Punjabi Banda Ajmer Rajasthan DMIT Midbrain
    33 Vinod Kumar Surindernagar Gujrat DMIT Midbrain
    34 Abhilash Pune Maharastra DMIT Midbrain
    35 Dr. Bhupender Pillani Rajasthan DMIT
    36 Dr. Deepak Kharar Punjab DMIT Midbrain
    37 Vikas Kumar Bathinda Punjab DMIT Midbrain
    38 Ganita Bali And Surinder Bedi Ludhiana DMIT Midbrain
    39 Gurbir Kaur Patiala DMIT
    40 Pawan GuptaPatiala DMIT