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Are you looking for the best midbrain advance level course franchise using Midbrain Activation software and best mid brain activation method? If yes, then you are at the right place. MidBrain , also called the Interbrain has to be awakened by stimulating a hormonal discharge. In the human body, it is the pituitary gland that regulates the hormone secretions and this function has to be awakened & activated. To do this , it is very important the neighboring Pineal Gland. The pineal glands secretes two hormones: Melatonin and Serotonin. The most important is that the secretion of Melatonin increases in the dark and decreases when it is bright.

Serotonin hormone has the ability to expand the insight of the right mind. Since the MidBrain i.e Interbrain is in charge of sending signs to both left and right halves of the globe of the mind, the procedure of "Enacting the MidBrain" will bring about better correspondence with the left and right brains. As a child grow up with age, the brain has the tendency to automatically assign one part eith right or left part of the brain to become more dominant in performing certain task . This process is known as Lateralization. This means we end up using much less of our brain than that we actually have lets say only 1-2% hardly. But indeed the process of activating the MidBrain reverses this trend of using only one part of the brain but rather allows us to use our brain more efficiently, hence the improvement in overall cognitive abilities. After the completion of Mid brain activation course the child starts doing everything blindfolded.