Brain Development

Based on years of testing...helps to transform your children into confident achievers in Studies, Career and Life with just enjoyable effort...Guaranteed.

Your thoughtful concern for your child’s Total Self Development is worthy of an applause. We know that you are quite curious to know what your child will learn in the Genius Brains Classes. We are equally eager to share with you the exciting process of your child’s brain development – the path which leads to your child’s transformation into a genius.

Age of the child forms the essence of his or her level of brain development. Astonishingly, age and process of brain development are inversely proportional to each other. Starting even before birth, brain development in a child gets 97% complete by the age of 14. So, it is important to start the brain development courses at the right age.

For children between the age group of 6 to 14, we are running a 5 Moduler course under one course on and i.e.." Total Brain Development Course" (BDP). The five Modules are:

brain development
  • SUPER MEMORY: It is based on fact that our Indian Examination Structure and further competetive exams are nothing but the test of Child's Memory. In Memory techniques we help the cjild to memorize long and short answers, essays, dates, formulae’s, Periodic tables, vocabulary, points of a topic, etc in a very short time or by just reading it once. It is based on science called 'MNEMONICS'. For more details click here...
  • NEUROBICS: Aerobics of the mind. Brain Cell Activation Exercises to increase the usage of brain cells and activate dormant cells ond overall increase on Neuron Activity in Brain. For more details click here...
  • ABACUS: Arithmetic with the use of Abacus. Through use of this child can actually calculate faster then a calculator . We follow the Japnese calculation 'SOROBAN' . Imported in 14 th Century in Japan, soroban is still used today, despite the proliferation of practical and affordable pocket electronic calculators. As it helps the children to develop there cognitive Ability and Concentration. For more details click here...
  • SPEED MATHS (Vedic Math): Mental mathematics with the use of Sutras determined to be absolutely scientific. Through this children learn to do the calculation accurately and fastly. All type of calculations starting from Tables, Squares, Squares roots, Cube , Cube roots, Interest, Compond Interest, Ratio Proportion etc.... and mush more.... Helps Builds concentration, Attentiveness, Sharp Brain, Analytical skills. Sharpens reflexes and reduces reaction time, a fact used by the American Air Force. For more details click here...
  • LIFE STYLE SKILLS: In this we work on the Life style of children with the help of Parents/ teachers starting from Diet, Time Management for studies and exams, revision, systematic approach, Mobile/ Technical usage, Identify Multiple Intelligence etc.For more details click here...
Duration Classes
30 Months (10 Levels of approximately 3 months each) 2 Hours per week

The course consists 10 levels and each level takes around 3 to 5 months to get completed. The children undergo a test after completion of each level of brain development. They are promoted to the next level on passing the test.

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    • How to think up creative ideas and solutions to beat any competition
    • How to learn anything fast using Brain-friendly learning methods
    • Mind control skills to achieve goals, get rid of bad habits and become better human being
    • How to develop magnetic personality to attract people and better opportunities in career and life
    • Developing career skills that influence employers to offer job
    • How to handle stress or problem and stay cool
    • How to use brainpower to attract wealth, success, and happiness easily

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